Terms and Conditions

This document informs you on the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) set up by Alstra Solutions Ltd. (“MailCan” or “us”), as owner and operator of the MailCan service for the transmission of emails (the “MailCan Service”) offered on this site (“Website”),to ensure preservation of the confidentiality of your personal or confidential information and respect of your privacy.


What is meant by “Personal Information”?

“Personal information” is information concerning a physical person that allows identification of such person. For example, your name, residential address, personal phone number and email address, date of birth, credit information and access code to the Website.

This Policy applies to MailCan conduct in regards to personal information of individuals and, based on circumstances, in regards to confidential or sensitive information of enterprises (collectively the “Information”) that subscribed to MailCan Service (the “Clients” or “you”) and also to Clients’ conduct in regards to recipients of bulk emails transmitted through the MailCan Service (the “Recipients”).

This agreement contains the terms and conditions applicable to the following matters:



MailCan collects “personal information” (received from a physical person otherwise than as a representative of a company (or moral person) pursuant to the definition provided above) only insofar as is needed for execution of the MailCan Service.

We collect Information upon your registration as Client. More particularly, we collect your name, email address, mailing address and phone and fax numbers. In order to complete your registration, we provide you with a user name (that may or not reveal your identity, at your choice) and an access code. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your access code. Once registered, you may modify your access code through the feature provided to this end.

Additional Information may be requested in the context of online payment of the MailCan Service. (See the section “Is Online Payment Secured?”).


Let us first assure you that in no event will MailCan sell, give or exchange your Information to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent. In addition, MailCan and its Clients undertake not to rent, sell or share their lists of Clients or Recipients to third parties without the consent of registered Clients or Recipients except in exceptional circumstances as specifically described herein.

  1. Service Management

    At a general level, we use your Information in the execution of the MailCan Service, for billing purposes and, in specific cases, to resolve technical problems.
  2. Promotional Purposes

    MailCan may occasionally use Clients’ names and some statistical data as reference for promotional activities intended to potential clients. The Client accepts that this information be used by MailCan for promotional purposes and waives all rights to any form of compensation with respect to such use. In all cases, MailCan shall conform to its Anti-Spam Policy displayed on the Website(see Anti-Spam Policy).
  3. Services by External Suppliers

    MailCan may from time to time call onto external service suppliers to enhance the quality of its services in specific areas. In this context, some of your Information may be transmitted to such suppliers. Those suppliers are tied by contract to the present Policy together with the Anti-Spam Policy displayed on this Website and must use the Information solely in relation to services on behalf of MailCan.

    In the event that such external service suppliers wish to request additional Information directly from you (e.g. to survey your use of their services), you will be given prior notice. Should you decide to provide such Information, the privacy policy of that external service provider shall govern such communication.
  4. Legal Obligation

    MailCan may have to disclose your Information to competent persons or authorities should it be needed to conform to any legal obligation or comply with an injunction order, to protect and defend its rights or to assure compliance with the Terms of Use of its services.


MailCan conforms namely to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act together with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector of Quebec. MailCan uses various measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your Information. These measures are aimed at preventing the loss or theft of your Information, as well as its unauthorized reproduction, modification, use, consultation and disclosure.

Our Website is secured through the use of technology recognized in the industry. Access to your Information is provided to authorized personnel only, and this, solely for the purposes mentioned in this Policy or dictated by the service offered. Agreements are also signed between MailCan and its employees and subcontractors so that your Information is used in conformity with the present Policy and with any applicable law, rule or regulation.

However, no system being infallible, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of your Information.


When using the MailCan Service online payment certain sensitive Information is requested (name, address, email, credit card number, etc.). To ensure its protection, your Information, including our credit information, is encrypted using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), an industry standard, before being transmitted over the Internet.

MailCan may use the services of a third party to take charge of the payment process of the MailCan Service. This intermediary is authorized to preserve data on transactions executed by our Clients through the Website, and this, with the sole purpose of ensuring a secured payment process and the filing of evidence on transactions so as to afford adequate protection and follow-up of Clients of the MailCan Service. Such transactional data may also serve for validation and follow-up of Clients upon registration to the service.


In the event that we intend to use or disclose your Information for purposes other than those specifically described in this Policy, we undertake to obtain your consent.

Depending on the nature of the information, your consent may be provided verbally, by means of a form or correspondence or, in certain circumstances, implicitly when your consent may be clearly inferred from your conduct.


What is a “cookie”?

A “cookie” is a small text file that contains a unique identification number and that is transmitted by a website server to a temporary memory feature located in your computer and that allows to follow certain of your activities on that website.

In our situation, we use a combination of technologies allowing us to obtain statistics on online behaviour. Among others, we use an invisible image that allows us to trace and identify recipients that view email messages. These tools allow us to verify email addresses together with the dates and time of receipt and viewing of messages. Such data allows us to optimize email transmission in addition to ensure respect of bulk email transmission rules by our Clients.

Cookies are used in the operation of management interfaces of our Website. Their only purpose is to provide our Clients with a more personalized access to our products and services.

We use those technologies solely for the purpose of improving the quality of our Website and service so as to provide you with relevant marketing information on Recipients of your emails, for example to gather statistics on viewing percentage of your emails. The anonymous character of visitors that browse through our Website is preserved at all times.


MailCan will preserve your Information only for the period essentially needed for use of the MailCan Service for the purpose for which it has been designed.

MailCan undertakes to delete or destroy the Information in your account upon its closure, unless there is a legal obligation to the contrary.

The Information collected in the context of statistical analysis may be kept for an undetermined period but these shall not allow to identify you or to accede to other information that concerns you personally.


You have the obligation to ensure the secrecy of your access code and not to disclose it to anyone.

In addition, you have an obligation to comply, in all respects, with the terms and conditions contained in this Policy as well as the Anti-Spam Policy that complements it(see the Anti-Spam Policy), as regards to Recipients of email messages that you transmit or wish to transmit via the MailCan Service.


We wish to ensure that the Information kept in our Clients’ files is accurate, complete and up to date. It is therefore important to inform us of any relevant changes in your personal Information or your business contact information. You may communicate with us by email at [email protected] in order to correct or validate information submitted upon your registration. You are also authorized to consult your file in order to verify accuracy of your Information by any of the means offered to you for such purpose.

Recipients of email transmission lists are invited to communicate directly with the Client to correct or validate personal information related to their subscription to marketing email messages.


This Policy may be updated from time to time. MailCan reserves the right to modify this Policy at its discretion, by adding or subtracting certain terms and conditions. 

To assist you in identifying modifications to the Policy, as the case may be, we will post the dates of modification visibly in a space to this effect on the Website.


If you have any questions with respect to this Policy, its last updates or our practices in relation to the collection, use, maintenance or disclosure of your personal Information, or for filing a complaint or report an abuse by a third party, do not hesitate to communicate with the Officer in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information, by email at [email protected]